Madan plays scene stealer here through his appearance as the source of all of Kamal and Armaan’s troubles, Jagdeep, Kamal’s drunk and abusive husband who more than feels he’s justified in his treatment of her, obviously having most likely threatened what might happen should she try and leave. Madan infuses Jagdeep with such a towering, forceful, and outright menacing demeanor that fits the story to a “T” and its a total credit to Madan’s acting prowess in creating one of those “we love to HATE this guy!!” styles of character here.

NYC SAFF Short Film Review: "Freak"

Madan gets his chance to shine in the middle of the fun as well via his turn as Piyali’s father, whom we can tell is a truly more traditional thinking man, especially seeing his reactions to his daughter’s proclamation about Ajna, which sends him on an anxiety-ridden journey that isn’t really alleviated at all even when they’re all together at a local café to celebrate the girls’ partnership. It’s a total stitch watching Madan take the character through these purposefully awkward sequences and he plays it so amusingly well.

5 Warning Signs to Spot a Fraud Student Agent

No agent will tell you that he or she is a fraud - you will have to figure it out on your own. It helps to be aware of the telltale signs. Some of these are highlighted in a viral video campaign about a fictitious shady agent called Lucky Lakhanpal.

Introducing Trust Lucky Get Lucky

The series features New York based actor and producer – Nitin Madan, and is produced by BrainGain magazine in collaboration with Gutenberg Studios.

Get Lucky: Sunday Mid Day

We like how the show, written by New York based Actor, Nitin Madan, is laced with humor through the comical misadventures of a self styled 'student exporter', Lucky Lakhanpal.

Lucky Crossover for a Film-Maker

Nitin Madan, a Punjabi from New Delhi who lives in New York, strongly believes in luck. No one should come to New York, unless they are willing to be lucky, he says, quoting American writer EB White.

The Lucky Filmmaker: 9 Questions with Nitin Madan

The 2010 film, ‘Colin Hearts Kay’ was described by critics as being sweet, quirky, funny – and it won accolades at film festivals across the U.S. But the journey has been a learning experience, says the film’s maker – and he’s full of advice for students planning to follow in his footsteps.

Things That Go Bump in the Night: Ten Tales of Terror Review: Scary and Hilarious

Nitin Madan returned in his second play of the night and the last play in the first act, with Sara Minisquiero and Nic Tyler in “The Greenhouse,” written by Mark Cornell, and directed by Scott H. Schneider. “The Greenhouse” is a tale of two incompetent kidnappers who have kidnapped the wrong girl in Minisquiero’s character. Madan’s comedic timing is impeccable as he plays off Cornell serious demeanor, as Minisquiero is sneaky and hilarious with her antics on stage, this threesome is sure to make audiences laugh.

Fright Night

No disappointment with THE GREENHOUSE by Mark Cornell, helmed by Scott H. Schneider starring Nitin Madan, Sara Minisquiero & Nic Tyler. One of the best of the night, this comedic chiller, involving two idiot kidnappers and their demonic charge, gave us laughs and screams with some excellent acting and simple but engrossing staging.

Nitin Madan's Colin Hearts Kay

Produced by Nitin Madan, 'Colin Hearts Kay' wins the Audience Choice Award at the prestigious Brooklyn International Film Festival in June, where it had its world premiere and was also the closing night film.